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  • Oluv Tuned Premium Natural Sound
  • Dynamic Bass Boost Drivers and Dual Passive Radiators Enhances Sound Quality and Power
  • Boost Your Music with two speakers Stereo Pairing
  • Play it loud and immersive with Indoor, Outdoor and Video Mode
  • IP67 Dustproof & Waterproof Design
  • Up To 16 Hours Of Battery Life with Efficiently USB-C Charge
  • Convenient Hands-Free Calling
  • Easy Bluetooth 5.0 Connectivity
  • USB-C Charging

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  • Tuned by Master Music Geek

    "I put my entire effort into offering you a premium sound quality at an affordable price. The main focus was to provide an honest and natural sound reproduction in all environments and at all volume levels. "

  • EarFun's proprietary JumboBass Technology

    It produces clear and balanced audio faithful to the music you love, and at every volume level, you will enjoy huge stereo sound with intense bass.

  • Powerful 28W Stereo Sound

    Two full-range drivers and dual passive radiators produce deep accurate bass, allowing the sound to be transmitted more clearly in your space.

  • Bluetooth 5.0 Connectivity

    Utilizes Bluetooth 5.0 for ultra-stable connection and a skip-free music streaming. Up to 30m(100ft) working range, no worries for signal dropping.

  • IP67 Waterproof & Dustproof and Floats

    Do not worry about dust and rain, it will float back up to the surface if it's dropped in water.

  • Stereo Pairing for Double Fun

    Connect two UBOOM L speakers to add more juice to your dance party.

  • 16 Hours Battery Life

    Type-C fast charging makes charging up to 40% faster. Packing up to 16 hours of killer sound.

  • 150ms Video Mode

    The video mode make the audio lag reduce down to about 150ms(250ms for regular Bluetooth speaker).

  • Handsfree Calling

    Use the speaker for taking call without touching your phone, also good for conference meeting in PC.

  • Indoor Mode with emphasis on bass

    Indoor modes deliver full bass and balanced sound. Perfect when you want to immerse yourself at home and enjoy every details in your favorite music.

  • Outdoor Mode for loud sound

    Outdoor Mode provides clear sound through a wide space. Suitable for outdoor leisure or field activities such as cycling, outing, beach, etc.


How do I connect the speaker via Bluetooth?

Step 1: Power on the Speaker, then press the Bluetooth button, the speaker will enter pairing mode.
Step 2: Activate Bluetooth on your Bluetooth-enabled device and search for other Bluetooth devices.
Step 3: Select “EarFun UBOOM L” from the list of Bluetooth devices shown (if the password is needed, please type ‘0000’).

How to pair two speakers together for stereo sound?

Step 1: Pair and connect speaker A to your Bluetooth device.
Step 2: Power on speaker B, and then press and hold the Bluetooth buttons of both speakers (A and B) for 3 seconds at least and blue indicators of both speakers flash, then both speakers will begin to be connected to the same Bluetooth device.
Step 3: When the indicators stay blue, the two speakers are successfully connected in True Wireless Stereo mode. The speaker A will play the Left channel and speaker B will play the Right channel.

Press and hold the sound modes button for 2 seconds to transfer stereo mode and party mode when true wireless stereo is connected. The party mode will be the same sound channel for speaker A and B, and speaker A is stereo as same as speaker B.

How to reset the speaker?

If this speaker becomes disconnected or has another connecting problems, you can simultaneously press and hold “Volume +” and “Volume –” buttons simultaneously for 5 seconds at least to remove all paired devices from the speaker and remove the old pairing of speaker in your Bluetooth device, then pair again.

If this speaker crashes, you can try to press and hold the power button for 8 seconds at least to reboot. Also, you can directly put a straightened paper clip or similar item into the reset hole and depress the internal button to reset speaker and power on again, and the reset hole is located at the back of the speaker.