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EarFun, Inc

EarFun EH100 Triple Driver Hybrid HiFi Wired Earphone

EarFun EH100 Triple Driver Hybrid HiFi Wired Earphone

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  • Triple Driver Hybrid: Combines 10mm bio-diaphragm and 6.8mm liquid crystal diaphragm dynamic coils for smooth, detailed sound.
  • High-Frequency Balanced Armature: Delicate high-frequency response with enhanced resolution and overtones.
  • Hi-Res Audio Certified: Reproduces 3x audio detail for top-notch sound quality.
  • Replaceable Cable Design: Silver-plated cable with options for mic, Bluetooth, or upgrade cables.
  • High-Quality Cable: Handmade with silver-plated copper for superior audio signal transmission.
  • Tuning Nozzles: "Balanced" and "Ambient" options for versatile sound profiles.
  • Exquisite Design: Precision-machined silver shell with CNC machining and hand polishing.
  • Perfect Comfort: Ergonomic design for maximum comfort.

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  • Clever Blend of Technologies

    The low frequencies are silky smooth, nicely flowing and always so natural. The midrange presents full vocals and an elegant balance of musical instruments with deep refinement. Finishing it all with high frequencies, so extended and full of air, while always staying pleasing and under control. All in the perfect blend of three drivers of EarFun EH100.

  • Triple Magnet Design

    Pair of dynamic drivers seated in a coaxial design, surrounded by a trio of magnets, allowing for increased sensitivity and higher precision of the low and midrange frequencies.

  • HCCAW Voice Coil

    The lightweight HCCAW voice coil provides sound with a greater resolution and more expressive sound quality.

  • Custom Balanced Armature Driver

    Custom ordered to meet the stringent standards of EarFun, assuring its ideal performance as a treble driver. Providing EH100 with highs that are highly extended, full of detail, yet pleasantly smooth and without unwanted peaks.

  • Sound Tunning Nozzles

    "Balanced" and "Ambient" options for versatile sound profiles.

  • Hi-Res Certification

    EarFun EH100 earned the “Hi-Res Audio” certification from the Japan Audio Society, marking its capability to cover frequency range up to 40 kHz, for ideal performance with High-Resolution audio files.

  • Hi-Fi Grade Cable

    With this silver-plated copper cable, you can experience a significant enhancement in sound separation and clarity, resulting in an exceptional listening experience where vocals and instruments are beautifully rendered.

  • Interchangeable Cable Design

    Industry-standard 0.78mm & 2-pin Port Pick from any of aftermarket cables on the market, no matter if it's for some special connector, higher sound quality, better cable texture or simply to prolong the life of the earphones.

  • Exquisite Metal Construction

    Making the earphones both durable and beautiful, the EH100 are made from cast zinc alloy. Providing them with a robust full metal contruction, which is then hand-polished for a highly glossy finish, almost resembling the shine of diamond earrings in your ears.

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